Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) has elevated its academic standards by introducing a unique exchange program dubbed Tropimundo, which is the first of its kind in Africa.

The program involves students pursuing Master of Science in Tropical Biodiversity and Ecosystem in Belgium and those pursuing Master of Science in Aquaculture in TUM.

A total of 14 students are participating in this program. 

Four of the students are from TUM and the other 10 students are from Colombia, Netherlands, United States of America (USA), Brazil, France, Germany, Belgium, Honduras, Malasya and Indonesia.

According to Dr Cosmus Munga, a senior lecturer at TUM who also doubles as the Coordinator of the program, the exchange is designed to expose students in marine environments and terrestrial ecosystems.

In an exclusive interview with Corporate Communications Office, Dr Munga disclosed that in the First Year, first semester students study in Belgium. In the second semester the students choose to study in tropical countries such as Kenya, Cameroon, Madagascar, Reunion, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines, Guadalupe, New Caledonia, Guyana among others.

“The students pay 1000 euros per semester at TUM to facilitate the program. After the second semester, the students are examined and return to Europe. Those who have selected their research topics in Kenya can chose to remain behind,” Dr Munga explained.

When the students arrived in Kenya they convened at Diani in Kwale County for a two-weeks summer school which brought together representatives from Oceans and Lakes, Tropimundo, Bahari Hai, TUM and Pwani University.

Some of the key facilitators in the summer school were Prof Ann Vanreuel from Ghent University, Prof Dr Gudrun from Antwerp University and Prof Dr Nico Koedam from Ghent University in Belgium.

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