Division of Administration Finance and Planning

Division of Administration, Finance & Planning


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Registrar Administration and Planning


The Office of the Registrar for Administration and Planning is an extension of the Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Administration, Finance and Planning office. In close collaboration with the Office of the DVC AFP, the office provides administrative support to internal university departments and external stakeholders.

Our aim is to facilitate administrative operations that uphold the University's vision of becoming a global leader in advancing knowledge, science, and technology.

The Registrar Administration and Planning Office's responsibilities include overseeing the maintenance and upkeep of university facilities and equipment and ensuring a clean and conducive environment for learning and working. We manage the rental of university facilities to both internal and external parties.

Recruitment and management of qualified human resources are vital to our mandate, ensuring that our staff are well-equipped to support the academic and administrative functions of the University. We prioritize the welfare of our staff, recognizing their invaluable contributions to the University's success.

We support the implementation and monitoring of the University's strategic plan, aligning our administrative efforts with long-term goals and objectives. Through our involvement in performance contracting, we enhance organizational effectiveness, contributing to continuous improvement across all university operations.

The Office of the Registrar for Administration and Planning is dedicated to delivering high-quality administrative services that support the University in achieving its academic and strategic aspirations.