Our Philosophy


To advance knowledge and its practical application through teaching, research and innovation to serve both industry and the community.


A Technical University of Global Excellence in Advancing Knowledge, Science and Technology.

Core Values

The Council, Senate, Management, staff and students of TUM will endeavor to institutionalize and inculcate values fostering a strong corporate culture while promoting quality service delivery, cohesion in our diverse community and achieving the targeted goals. These will be realized by espousing the following values:

  • Excellence. We strive for excellence in quality teaching, learning and research, and customer focus by continuously assessing ourselves, applying our own and international benchmarks.
  • Integrity and Professionalism. We expect high standards of integrity, ethics and respect for one another across the institution and honor collegiality and a climate of critical professionalism among staff and students.
  • Equity. We are committed to equity, diversity and fairness and seek to nurture and build on our diverse cultural heritage
  • Team work. We place a high premium on teamwork and shared responsibility in working with each other and with external groups in ways that are mutually beneficial
  • Creativity, innovativeness and environmental sustainability. We embrace innovative problem solving and promote creative value-based solutions. We cultivate a socially secure, responsive and sustainable green environment.