Joel O Awino


Dear Student

It is my great pleasure to welcome you to Technical University of Mombasa (TUM).

congratulate you for securing a placement at this University. You are now a bona fide student so be prepared to join the wonderful academic experience the university will offer to you.

Technical University of Mombasa takes pride in its Vision as a University of Global excellence in advancing Knowledge Science and Technology. It has a long history dating back in the 1940s when it was founded as Mombasa Institute of Muslim Education (MIOME). It received its charter and became a full-fledged University in 2013. Since then, the university has continued to impart knowledge and skills to thousands of students who have graduated and are serving the nation in various capacities.

Being in the university is a time that is filled with opportunities and challenges. As you settle down in your respective disciplines, learn to use your potential to the fullest and acquire knowledge and skills that will enable you to function well in the society. Endeavour to inform the University of any Challenges that may affect you during your studies. Set for yourself standards that will enable you properly manage your time, finances, character and academic progress. Be prompt, efficient, effective and courteous in your dealings with the university, its staff and fellow students and help to create and maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning.

The University will nurture you academically, morally and spiritual but it will be upon you to wisely utilize the existing resources to enhance your personal growth. Desist from acts that may bring shame, loss of reputation, dignity, embarrassment and loss of finances to you and your family. As you establish relationships with your peers and others, be careful not to fall prey to negative groupings – choose your friends wisely and avoid negative influence. Beware of vices like drug and substance abuse, prostitution, radicalization and any other deviant behaviours that could derail your academic life and well-being.

The student’s services department headed by the Dean of Students is in charge of your welfare matters. This includes the general welfare of students, sports and co-curricular activities, guidance and counseling, catering and accommodation the university health unit and student’s clubs and associations. The Office of the Dean of students also works very closely with other service departments in the university. Do not hesitate to approach the following persons for help: The Class Representative, Students Council (TUMSA), Student Counselors, Medical Staff, Accommodation Manager, Security Officers, Dean of Students, Head of academic Department, Registrars, Deputy Vice Chancellors, and if need be the Vice Chancellor’s Office.

The university has provided this student’s handbook to enable you understand the operations of the university and in realization of your academic vision. I encourage that you familiarize yourself with all the contents of the booklet and make it your companion for reference purposes. Comply with all the terms of the university regulations and remember that success begins with you.

I wish you well in all your endeavors and particularly towards the achievement of your academic goals.