Over the weekend, the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) hosted a comprehensive campus tour for the Friends of Fort Jesus, organized by TUM librarian Dr. Wanyenda Chilimo. The event aimed to give the visitors a glimpse of TUM and provide insights into the Coastweek Newspaper Project. The tour commenced with opening remarks from Dr Mariam Swaleh, TUM Assistant Registrar PRI, who provided a brief yet rich history of the Technical University of Mombasa.

The event was graced by distinguished guests, including Mr Taibali Hamzali, Chairman of the Friends of Fort Jesus, Hilal Ahmed, Handra Patel, and other Friends of Fort Jesus members. TUM representatives included Dr. Wanyenda Chilimo, Mr. Maher Abubakar, TUM Senior Maintenance Officer, and various TUM staff members. Mr. Maher Abubakar provided a detailed history and architectural overview of some of the buildings at TUM. His insights highlighted the unique structural designs and historical significance of the University's architecture.

Following his presentation, the visitors were taken on a tour of the University to explore various facilities and landmarks, such as the mosque, the School of Business building, and other significant sites. The main objective of this tour was to emphasize TUM's commitment to preserving the Coastal region's unique heritage and promoting environmental conservation. It also aimed to raise awareness among students about the natural history of the coastal region for future generations.

Additionally, Dr. Chilimo presented the Coastweek Newspaper Project, which focuses on digitizing local news and information to enhance the accessibility of preserved archives. Mr. Taibali Hamzali commented that the tour highlighted the University’s historical and architectural treasures and reinforced its role in the broader community and added value to the students. He expressed his enthusiasm by saying, “The collaboration between TUM and the Friends of Fort Jesus underscores the importance of educational and cultural initiatives in preserving regional heritage."

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