The Vice Chancellor for the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM), Professor Laila Abubakar, has cautioned new students to desist from examination malpractices. “Mwakenya and mobile phones will not be tolerated during examination. If someone has a genuine problem during examination period, please raise the issue so that you could be given a supplementary examination instead of cheating. Those who will be found culpable shall be expelled.” Prof Laila warned.

Addressing thousands of fresh students at the Main campus and Kwale campus on 11th September, 2018, Prof Laila urged the students to take advantage of the interfaculty transfer arrangement to pursue programmes of their choice. “Gone are the days when parents and uncles used to choose programs for their children. If you feel you are not interested in your program, please communicate it to the appropriate personnel and you will be assisted.” She said.

Prof Laila reiterated that students must carry themselves with dignity and dress decently while attending lectures. “The story of my dress, my choice doesn’t apply at TUM. Lecturers are like you parents, you are here to learn not to tempt them.’’ Prof Laila concluded. On matters concerning security, the Vice chancellor advised students to avoid walking alone at night and also to avoid swimming in the ocean especially those who do not have experience in swimming. She called on all students to be vigilant and report any person they suspect to be a criminal for appropriate actions to be taken.

Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Research and Extension Engineer, Prof Rafael Mutuku, encouraged the students to manage their time and resources well at the University. Such sentiments were echoed by the Deputy Vice Chancellor, Administration Finance and Planning, Prof Joseph Rasowo, who said that Mombasa is a tourist town but students should be responsible and remember the core business that brought them to Mombasa, which is education.

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