TUM on Saturday participated in KWEA’s 7th annual Career Exhibition held at Marianist Technical Institute. The event brought together over 37 secondary schools within the Coastal region. The Exhibition had Base Titanium as the major sponsor and partner.

The Exhibition offers a chance to Universities and colleges to showcase and explain the various programmes they are offering and the entry requirements with the aim of assisting the secondary school students to make informed choices when it comes to what courses they can pursue in order to sharpen their skills for their careers. While addressing the students, TUM’s Corporate Communication Officer Mr. Daniel Otieno advised them to join Tum because Tum’s training is competency based. ‘’ We give the students hands-on training equipping them with the required skills for the job market, skills you can use not only for employment but for self-employment too’’ He added.

Mr. Otieno further reiterated that TUM boast of a well-established liaisons office responsible for linking students with the industrial players for internships and attachments. Tum has MOU with many organizations, companies, and Industries both at the county level and nationally.

On her part, Mwanamvua Abbdallah also from corporate communication department TUM challenged the students to take advantage and join TUM being a center of excellence for TVET and pursue the courses of their dreams from certificate level. She highlighted the fact that TUM also has programme of absorbing some of its students with exemplary leadership skills, discipline, excellence in academic and on merit citing Mr. Daniel Otieno as an example of one of the beneficiaries of such program

Mwanamvua thanked secondary schools for their continuous invitation of TUM to go and talk to their students on career choices and requested for more of this corporation stating that Tum does not take it for granted but appreciates and will always be on the front line in honoring such invitation so as to help in fostering right career choices. KWEA Director Mr. Mwasere Juma stressed to the teachers on the need to allow KWEA members to talk to students in their schools, to allow students to realize and actualize their dreams in the Coastal Region.

Mr. Mwasere also requested students to work hard in their studies so that they may become the future exhibitors from various institutions. He also appreciated all the institutions for attending the event together with Base Titanium for being one of the Sponsors.