Technical university of Mombasa show case at Jaffery International academy

When it comes to self-improvement, we know of a lot of methods: To get fit, you eat right and exercise. To grow in physical strength: you train and lift weights. To improve your memory: you get enough sleep and intentionally learn new things.

But what can you do to improve and grow in your education and career?
Regardless of where you’re at—whether you’re in senior high, management training, an entry-level employee on the front lines or senior management—you can continue to grow and advance your education, career and professional goals.

TUM as an institution of higher education gives you the shoes to take that next step.
It is with this great mindset that Technical university of Mombasa accepted the invite to participate and show case at the Jaffery’s Education and Career Fair. As the saying goes “additional education will help them achieve their career goals, like making more money, advancing in their current occupation, or starting in a different one.”

Jaffery Academy Mombasa, the hub of Empowering Minds and Building Confidence.

An international school located in coastal city of Kenya, Mombasa, uphold the following values: high Morals, integrity, professionalism, team Spirit, healthy & safe Culture. They believe that all children can learn at their own pace given the right environment, time and support hence they never lose focus of the uniqueness of each child under their care. Their ultimate goal, is to empower minds and build confidence in all the learners so that they can make a difference in society. With all this in mind, Jaffery academy expects the learners to acquire 21st Century learner skills, they need to be exposed to a balanced curriculum, rich in knowledge, skills and meaningful experience – hence the use of the British National Curriculum – an ambitious and engaging curriculum tailored to the child’s development stage at each level.

Jaffery’s Academy Mombasa, in partnership with local (Kenyan) college and universities, organized a one-day Careers and Education Fair at Jaffery Academy’s main hall on Saturday 19th February 2022 from 9 am to 12pm.The insightful event featured many institutions of higher learning such as the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM), Kenyatta University, Mount Kenya University, Oshwal College, Strathmore University, University of Nairobi, Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) among many others. Over 400 senior students from different high schools grabbed the opportunity to attend the event, the objectives were to support the students in making wise career choices, inspire them to discover, develop and achieve their full potential before sitting for their upcoming national examinations.

Career masters from TUM led by Dr Hamisi Mwaguni, Assistant Registrar, were delighted to host the senior students who are the future generation to take over from the current one hence they needed guidance in choosing the right careers. He encouraged the students to choose TUM as their university of choice during selection process and enroll in any of the programmes as the school offers quality education that matches the global standards as required.

Education is an influential step in staying competitive and enhancing your skills. Whether you’re starting out in your studies, career or returning to continue to build upon your years of experience, pursuing educational training helps you keep moving forward. When you earn a degree, you accomplish a big step. You gain knowledge, skills and experience to help you both in your career and in life in general. On top of that, by gaining additional skills in communication and problem solving and achieving your goals, you can also increase your confidence.

In a classroom setting, you have the opportunity to interact and meet with fellow students who may come from a variety of professional backgrounds, and in being exposed to a broader professional network through continuing your education, you can get to know people who may be in similar situations as you or have been in the spot you’re in. Your network, grown through earning a degree, can be a wealth of insight and information as you advance your own career.

The career expo allowed the students to gain direct interactions from professional educationists by inquiring on best courses to pursue and job opportunities thereby gaining broadened knowledge on career course selection and a clear understanding of career trends in the job market from different professions.
“To boost their range of marketable skills and credentials, which, in turn, makes them more competitive—both at their current employer and in the overall job market.” Quote by a career coach Nancy Collamer

Mr. Sunday, a lecturer from the Institute of Computing and Informatics (ICI), apprised the students on how placement is conducted and how the weighed cut off points play a critical role in determining the programme a student is placed to study. Technical University of Mombasa emphasizes on pursuing higher education to gain knowledge with practical skills that can be applied at workplace. For example, in a business administration degree program, students learn best practices in accounting to understand the financial aspects of their work. In a management program, they learn leadership principles and how to deal with conflict. This knowledge can be both factual and practical, meaning that the information learned is not just interesting to know but will be of great use in undergraduate and graduate degrees.

During the fair, the Dean of School of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. Lutsili, emphasized on the need for the students to discover their potential, research on career trends, think globally and make decisions that will help build our nation and improve their lives in future.
When in school, you learn far more than just different management styles or how to create an influential presentation. You also learn more subtle, but equally important, skills. These so-called “soft skills” include strong abilities in areas like communication, teamwork, critical thinking and problem-solving. Each of these talents can add value to your organization, wherever you are. And, such skills can give you the experience to be prepared and equipped to take that next step toward achieving your goals.

It was an educative and informative event that gathered schools, colleges and universities to assist the seniors from high schools with ambition to pursue further studies in Kenya to make wise career was a great learning opportunity for them and everybody wished them well in their future. The event ended with closing ceremony where tokens of gratitude were presented to the institution in attendance.


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