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Published on 2018-10-08

Technical University of Mombasa and Tongji University of Shanghai China have agreed to identify one area of interest to do a research that shall benefit the two institutions.

Speaking during a meeting that was held at TUM on 27th September 2018 Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar said that is the only way to cement the relationship between the two Universities instead of signing memorandum of understandings which are only visible in papers.

According to President of Tongji University Prof Jiang Wu the institution has a well established school of environment and sustainable development and TUM can benefit through staff exchange programs to transfer knowledge.

“Tongji University is one of the best biggest universities in China, established in 1907. We have partnered with multinational companies on matters environmental conservation. TUM is most welcomed in this noble idea.” Prof Wu added.

The sentiments were echoed by TUM Vice chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar who said TUM is very much interested in environmental issues and already have received funds from the Britain government to fund research projects on Solid waste management in Coast region.

Prof Laila requested Prof Wu to organize scholarships for TUM staff and students.

“We were a technical institution teaching certificates and Diplomas for many years. Most of our staff do not have Masters and PhD’s.” Prof Laila revealed.

In his response Prof Wu encouraged TUM students and staffs to apply for China scholarships especially for Masters and PhD Programs.

“Every year we have 1000 slots. Please take advantage of this opportunity.” Prof Concluded.