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Published on 2018-10-11


Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) drama students will soon enter in the record of celebrities after Mombasa County’s head of Youth, Gender and Sports, Kevin Munywoki Kyalo, revealed that plans are on top gear to shoot the mother of all films in Kenya at an event held last week at the Assembly Hall of TUM. “We have set aside 800 million Kenyan Shillings for this project. It’s a huge project. Those who will participate will be paid handsomely. We shall give priority to TUM students especially those who are already active in the creative industry.” Mr. Kyalo said.


Addressing the TUM family during the youth culture camp, Mr. Kyalo urged students to take the great opportunity serious to sharpen their skills and also to earn a living. Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Administration Finance and Planning (AFP), Professor Joseph Rasowo, said the creative industry has not been fully exploited and its high time for the national government, county governments, Universities and other stake holders to come together to revive the sector.


Professor Rasowo called on youth to desist from drug abuse and instead focus on sports and other important activities that would help them in life. Finally, the crowd was moved by the presentation delivered by Yohan Kim from South Korea. In his presentation, he said, “success starts from the mind.”


“In 1960 South Korea was one of the poorest countries in the world. We were even relying on Kenya for aid. Today, South Korea is one of the top six fastest growing economies in the world. We made it because we believed it was possible and we worked hard. I have seen great potential among Kenyan youth. Believe in yourself and Kenya will be a great Movie star in Africa and the world at large”. Kim concluded. Yohan Kim is the chairman of International Youth Fellowship and also the Managing Director, GBS television.