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Published on 2018-12-19


The 6th Graduation Ceremony of Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) saw a record of 2,120 students graduate with various Certificates, Diplomas, Higher Diplomas, Degrees and Masters Degrees on Wednesday 18th December 2018.  3 Students graduated with Masters Degrees, 1340 Degrees, 22 Higher Diplomas, 690 Diplomas and 65 Certificates. Cabinet Secretary of Education Ambassador Dr. Amina Mohammed urged Universities to remain focused on producing top notch human capital for the purposes of research and innovation for national development. The CS reiterated that Universities should develop relevant programmes to make the President’s Big 4 Agenda a reality. In her speech which was read by Ms. Lucy Mwari Mulili the CS cautioned students to solve their issues maturely without causing disturbance.


“Finally may I urge students to play their role in facilitating realization of their goals by desisting from resorting to unorthodox means of resolving issues as recently witnessed in a few universities including TUM. Students should learn to solve their issues amicably without resorting to violence and destruction of property” The CS concluded.

The Chief Guest Prof Abdulrazak Shaukat encouraged Universities to develop programmes in nuclear science for the country to achieve the big 4 Agenda.


“Nuclear Science has been misunderstood for many years. People only think of the disadvantages but it can be used to treat cancer, identify ground water volumes, monitor environmental pollution and it’s also a source of green energy.” Prof Shaukat explained. He emphasized that TUM should take the lead on matters blue economy since it is the only university at sea level.


TUM council chairman Dr. Robert Arunga who presided over the graduation ceremony advised the University management to continue taking advantage of the University’s locale adding that It was impressive that TUM has mounted programmes relevant to the region that capture the market and the needs of the region. “Venturing in Marine Science and Engineering programmes is timely and very appropriate. I wish to remind you that this is one of the crucial pillars for national development.” Dr. Arunga said. He noted that collaborations with like-minded partners were ongoing at the institution. He explained that the Partnership between Kenya Maritime Authority has given the University mandate to offer marine related courses that are successfully running using the state of the art facility and equipment.


The Vice Chancellor Prof. Laila Abubakar revealed that the University has partnered with institutions of like minds to be able to share available resources, at both local and international levels. Prof. Laila highlighted that TUM has signed MoU’s with Cairo and Alexandria Universities in Egypt, University of Ghent in Belgium and Coast General Hospital to establish the School of Medicine. Prof. Laila reiterated that the university is successfully currently running 165programmes; 4 PhDs, 14 Masters, 40 Undergraduate, 3 Higher Diplomas, 52 Diplomas, 24 Certificates and 32 Short courses.  


The vice Chancellor commended the graduands for a job well done and advised them to continue working hard and maintain high standards of discipline and coexistence. “Do take note that success in life has nothing to do with what you gain or accomplish for yourself, but what you do for others. We have our eyes on you and similarly our nation and hence the world has eyes on you.  Be our ambassadors and always represent us well.” Prof. Laila deduced.