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Published on 2018-10-08

Thursday 4th October 2018 was not just an ordinary day at TUM as the institution received a high-profile person, the French ambassador, Mrs. Aline Kuster-Menager.

In her remarks Ambassador Aline encouraged TUM students and other young people along the coast region to take French language serious.

“Mombasa is a tourist city. We have many tourists from France who come to Mombasa every year. The skills will help you to acquire jobs in the tourism sector.” She said.

The Ambassador emphasized that France is willing to partner with TUM for both staff and students exchange programs to give the students an exposure to the French system of education.

TUM Vice Chancellor, Prof Laila Abubakar, commended the ambassador for the good relationship between the two institutions.

“We have some members of staff who are already pursuing their PhD’s in France. For example, Michael Derrick. He did his Masters then he got another scholarship for a PhD. We extended his study leave.” Prof Laila added.

Prof Laila urged students to put in their effort to learn the French language so that they could easily gain Masters and PhD scholarships which are taught in French.

She invited the Ambassador to deliver a public lecture to explain to students on the available opportunities for Kenyans in France.