Office of the Deputy Vice Chanvellor AFP

Prof. Joseph Ouma Rasowo

Deputy Vice Chancellor AFP

From the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (AFP)

The division of Administration, Finance and Planning plays a facilitative role in the discharge of Technical University of Mombasa’s (TUMs) mandate by ensuring optimal use and management of physical, financial and human resources.

The key responsibilities include: overall management of assets and properties, developing and implementing the universities strategic plans, promoting personal and professional development of staff, safeguarding TUMs interests, premises, personnel and property, developing and implementing property development strategies, managing transport fleet and related strategies, promoting performance management culture in TUM, negotiating and implementing service charters for effective and efficient service delivery in line with universitys core values, ensuring optimal and innovative utilization of resources, preparing of budgets and identifying cost–reduction strategies to innovatively reduce operational costs, ensuring compliance with relevant policies, acts and regulations, promoting professionalism and integrity in work performance for enhanced productivity, promoting efficiency gains through outsourcing of non-core services and leasing of resources.