Dr. Desai roots for TUM as innovation centre

Desai roots for TUM as innovation centre


Technical University of Mombasa council chair Dr Kevit Desai wants students from Coast region to embrace the institution to actualize their innovation dreams.


Desai said TUM is a reputable science and technology university that has won several awards at both national and international competitions.


He spoke on Thursday and Friday to science clubs at Memon High, Mama Ngina and Coast Girls who are readying themselves for a  Young Kenyan Scientists national science and technology competition.


"TUM, who are your neighbours, have capacity to make your dreams a reality. We a science, engineering and technology oriented university" said Desai.


The competition that kicks off this May will see two overall winners from the national innovation exhibitions sponsored for a trip to Ireland to showcase their innovativeness.


In his meet-the-Coast-students tour, Desai was flanked by TUM top management officials Charles Majani and Juliana Asse.



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