Follow the instructions below to get your admission letter
1. Open Technical University of Mombasa Website (www.tum.ac.ke) using any internet browser

2. Scroll down to E-Resources section of the website and click “E-registrar” link to open the Login window to the university system. You can as well find this link (E-registrar) at the left side of the footer section of the home page

3. Follow these instructions to login to the university system:
a) Use your KCSE Index Number as the User ID (e.g. 12345678911/2017)
b) Use your KCSE Index Number as the password (e.g. 12345678911/2017)
c) Select “Main Campus” in the “Login to” section
d) Click “Sign in” button to login to the system. A new window opens with two options: “My Program Applications” and “Campus General Information” if the login is successful

4. Click “My Program Applications”. Two options will open at the top of the window i.e. “My Applications Profile” and “Programs Listing”.

5. Click “My Application Profile” option at the top of the window to open your profile information with the tabs “My Details”, “My Academic Qualifications”, …, “My Course Applications”.

6. Click “My Course Applications” tab to display the program details below the tabs

7. Click to check the box to the left of the program name to select the programme you have been admitted into.

8. Click the “Letter” button to the right of the window. This will download the admission letter to your computer’s Download folder with Filename “Admission Letter_out.pdf”.

9. Open the Download folder of your computer to get your admission letter

10. Click “Sign Out” at the top right corner of the window to Logout of the system to secure your profile from unauthorized persons. NB. The admission letter contains information and forms for registration purposes.

Follow the link below and download respective fee structure for your course. Look for the respective faculty fees structure which corresponds to your programme.

Fees Structures

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