Class attendance is a must for all TUM Students-VC

Mon, 11 Sep 2017 News 5 Comments

Technical University of Mombasa will allow students who have attended at least 67 percent classes to sit end of semester examination.


Vice Chancellor Professor Laila Abubakar said the University cannot be part to a system producing half-baked graduates.


Professor Laila spoke during the orientation of over 5400  freshmen on Monday September 11, 2017 at the Assembly Hall at the main campus in Tudor.

"We have been following up the issue of class attendance and decided only to allow those who hit 67% mark to sit end of semester examinations" she said.

The VC said student-lecturer contact hours will not be compromised because TUM cannot be part to universities that produce half baked graduates.

" We want to produce job-competent graduates fully prepared to face the challenges of the competitive job market. There is no compromise on class attendance" she said.
She said there is always pride in getting As one can prove through content delivery as opposed to earning marks fraudulently.
She warned the first year students to keep off drugs saying the vice is rampant in Mombasa county.

 "Most of you are innocent. But you risk ruining your life once you engage in drugs which are common in this town" she said.
Prof Laila was flanked by DVC's,Registrars,Deans.Directors,C.O.D's,Legal Office and Finance Office, members of the students body, Technical University of Mombasa Students Organization, who were led by President and Deputy President Dan Otieno and Jacklin Nzisa respectively.

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    Maurice salwa Post author

    May I be able to change the course am afist year undertaking bachelor of business and office management.

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    Allan Lemashon Post author

    that's indeed a very wise speech,,but may i please know how i will get to know that am successful in application of a certain course in this institution

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    Ibrahim Abdi Post author

    When is the 2017 graduation

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    KIPNGETICH MUTAI Post author


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