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As part of our strategy to market our programmes, Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) visited Kwale high school on June 18th 2016 for a career talk. A total of 1200 students from form four, form three, form two and form one participated.


It was another great opportunity for TUM to mentor and guide students on careers.  A team of TUM lecturers and staff from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Applied and Health Sciences, School of Business, School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Institute of Computing and Informatics took ample time to explain to the students on the entry requirements, cluster subjects and the mean grade required to pursue different courses at TUM.

The chairman of Mechanical Engineering department Mr. Sameer Bachani encouraged the students to take sciences seriously adding that it becomes difficulty for students to pursue technical courses at universities and colleges due to poor performance in sciences at high school level.  

“One has to excel in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics in high school for him to qualify to do any Engineering course. If your dream is to become an Engineer, that is the way forward, no short cut! ” Mr. Bachani emphasized.

The lecturers reiterated that according to the Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) the cut-off points for one to be absorbed in a Public University currently stands at a mean grade of B-(minus) of 64 points. Students were encouraged to work extra hard to attain that grade since their fees would be subsidized compared to self sponsored students.

In her presentation the chairperson of Media and communication department Ms Silvia Mutua said that those who are interested in Journalism, Public relations and graphic design, should join TUM to make their dreams a reality. She   challenged students to be bold enough to solicit for funds from institutions such as County Educational Fund, Constitutional Educational Fund (CDF) and nongovernmental organizations that help bright students from poor families.

 “Your future is in your hands. You have to come up with proper plans in line with your interests for you to become future broadcasters, print journalists, engineers, scientists, researchers, or even great entrepreneurs. During the olden day we didn’t have a University in Coast region, today TUM is here, a fully fledged University. There is absolutely no reason why you young people should not further your education.” Mutua Added.



Ms. Helen a lecturer from Pure and Applied Sciences department   urged the students to put God first, respect their parents/guardians, teachers and manage their time well in order to excel in academics. 

The TUM team insisted that students who do not qualify for Degree courses can enroll for Certificate and Diploma courses since TUM is still a Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution.

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    Newton Ochieng Post author

    That was a good job done especially in creating more light in the student's academic path but just a slight correction in paragraph five,the entry grade for government sponsored students into public universities stands at B{plain] of 60 points for boys and B-{minus] of 58 points for girls.

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    Liz Njagi Post author

    Keep up the good work. The light is being spread to those who cannot access it easily and this is a good thing. I look forward to being a parent in this upcoming University.

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    Nicholas Muriuki Nteere Post author

    Request for career tour with 49students this month from meru county

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