Information communication and technology services

Mr. Obadia Musau, Director, Information communication and technology services

Information communication and technology services

The directorate is headed by the Director ITCS Mr. Obadia Musau (pictured right),

The staff of the directorate of Information Technology and Communication Services work to provide the university with a robust, secure, and enabling technology environment. we operate a multi-layered environment made up of infrastructure, applications, services, and specialized support. At the most basic level is a massive wired and wireless computing and communications infrastructure.

Lots of bytes of data, voice and video go through this infrastructure twenty four hours, sevens days a week all year round, carrying the critical academic and administrative business of the TUM. At the apex of this foundational infrastructure reside dozens of computing applications and services.

These applications and services, from email to the Financial Management System, from networked storage space to student management and registry systems, allow the campus community to communicate, research, collaborate and efficiently conduct the core functions of the university college.

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