Academic year

The Academic Calendar is the schedule of events that take place within an academic year.

  1. the academic year begins in may of each calendar year and ends in april of the next year. the academic year consists of two semesters. each semester consists of sixteen (16) weeks.
  2. In an annual year, the first semester begins in may and ends in august. the second semester begins in september and ends in december. a third semester for accelerated programmes, begins in january and ends in april.
  3. Year of study is determined by academic level attained by a student in a programme. the level is measured in terms of the cumulative number of units successfully completed, irrespective of the calendar duration of stay at the university college. in general, two semesters successfully completed by a full-time student is equal to one academic year of study.
  4. The graduation ceremony shall be held at a time and place as may be determined by the university college academic board.

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