Two Trophies Come Home, To The Coast Region.

The Technical University Of Mombasa participated in three sports disciplines (two Basketball teams, two wood ball teams, one hockey team) in the Kenya University Sports Association inter - Conference playoffs which were hosted by JKUAT on the 13th - 15th August 2021.

TUM faced great teams from Strathmore, Kenyatta University, JKUAT, as they got ushered into the conference playoffs. Every team that participated in the event was well prepared to win and take the trophies home, some teams had the advantage of close proximity and environment, which played a key role in the buildup of the games. This did not kill the spirit of the TUM team that had traveled miles to get to the venue and had to deal with the shock of climate change. The unwavering support from the University Management was a great motivational point which made them work hard, putting their best foot forward to win.

TUM was the only University representing Coast Region, with the zilch and stamina to fight for a place and space at the high table of the conference payoffs. The teams put up a spirited fight but were disadvantaged by botch climate change and atmosphere. The hockey team fought tooth and nail against the Zaitech team, with gallant moves from the captain and goalkeeper, but that wasn't enough to keep the team moving up in the competition.

Despite the many challenges two TUM teams from the wood ball discipline managed to emerge as second runners-up and earned TUM the two trophies. The long hours of training, practice, and sacrifice had finally paid off. This was a great achievement from an event attended by universities across the whole country.

The teams returned home triumphant and champions, having won two trophies. This has motivated and ignited a hunger in them to work rigid and win more trophies in the next tournaments.