TUMSO Enterprise is one of its kind. It’s a unique student friendly mini-mall that contains eleven stalls at the ground floor and a cafeteria at the top. The project which currently serves both students and staff, has gained fame and recognition within the University and its environs for its serene surrounding and affordable services especially the delicacies. This project was initiated by the 2016 TUMSO president Kavesi and his team. This was as a result of overwhelming number of needy students. Which could not be handled by the TUM bursaries and other funding organization. The TUMSO team was obliged to get other means to help their fellows. They wrote a proposal to the TUM management where it was approved and duly procurement procedures followed.

The TUM management advertised the tender for construction of the buildings in the main campus and Kwale campus respectively. The students were encouraged to participate and finally the tender was awarded to an engineering student. The construction for the main campus commenced on November 2016 and completed on March 2017. Later the management advertised for the tender for those students who wished to do business to apply. The tender was then awarded to needy students who presented good business plans. Considering the tight job market TUM has always prepared its graduates to be renowned entrepreneurs for self-reliance. The management through the Dean of student’s office embraced the idea and brought a group from Equity Bank and Price Water House to sharpen the student’s entrepreneurial skills to enhance employment opportunities for wealth creation.

The management extended their helping hand by loaning the students a sum of four million shillings to start their business. They successfully repaid their loan. Currently they are using their profits to pay themselves fees and those of their fellow needy.