Today Mr. Robert Mwakumbaku, The Youth governor of Taita – Taveta County who is also a 3rd year student at Technical University of Mombasa in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering paid a courtesy call to the vice chancellor’s office.

Aside from deliberation on the issues affecting TUM students with regard to HIV & AIDS and other STIs, unwanted pregnancies and menstrual health; he brought with him 13,000 packs of condoms.

As a youth governor, Mr. Mwakumbaku advocates for a better society with zero infection on HIV & AIDS and other STIs and also eradicating the issue of unwanted pregnancies.

While appreciating the support received from the Vice Chancellor, Mr. Mwakumbaku said “unlike other places, TUM has a Vice Chancellor with a true open- door policy who always create time for whoever has an intention to better the society within and beyond TUM.” 

Applauding the thoughts and efforts of Mr. Mwakumbaku, The Vice Chancellor Prof. Laila Abubakar said “It feels good to know that in my institution I have such great people with selfless hearts who always think of how they can better TUM. God bless you Robert. May He give you energy to do more.” She went ahead in acknowledging the challenges faced by youth, TUM students inclusive; urging every member of TUM never to assume anything instead to strive in making the institution habitable for everyone.

In his speech, Mr. Kaingu reminded the TUMSA leadership that the university does not procure condoms but KEMSA does on behalf of the government; which due to Covid – 19 challenges it has failed to deliver on time- subsequently resulting to the crisis they right now face. However, he challenged everyone to advocate for abstinence for the reckless intimacy relationship has proved to be negatively impacting on the students’ academic performance.

He further enlightens the members that the abuse of Postenor -2 drug is on the rise. This got the attention of the TUM – DVC (Academic Research and Extension) Prof. Peter Gichangi who elucidated on the effects of abusing the contraceptive drag on the reproductive health of the user. Through his office and his capacity as a Gynecologist, Prof. Gichangi pledged support to Technical University of Mombasa Students Association (TUMSA) and the University Counselling department in making sure that this challenges surrounding the students are subdued.