Dr. Masamba Kah made his fourth visit to TUM since the signing of the MOU between the Peoples Friendship University of Russia and Technical University of Mombasa. His coming was basically meant to strengthen the partnership between the two universities through scholarships, exchange program and capacity building. “Just like TUM, the Russian University is known for Engineering and Medicine expertise. We would therefore wish for the sponsorship to be first concentrated on the department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering because we feel there is a great need for our engineering staff from that particular department to obtain their doctorate and post graduate degrees from Russia”. Prof Laila commented.

The Russian University led by Dr. Masamba Kah in collaboration with TUM wants to hold talks with the County Government of Mombasa on how they can put the garbage menace a history. “We can come up with a project where we will put up a plant to recycle the garbage and have electricity as an output. “ Dr. Masamba told the meeting. He further added that the multiplying effect of this project will be the job creation, serene environment, affordable electricity and also will serve as income generating project for the County. “This project will be cheaper if we (Russian University) and the County can sponsor a group of engineers from TUM to train them on that specialty and making them capable to run the plant other than hiring experts from abroad to do the job.” Dr. Masamba emphasized.

This came when TUM and Mombasa County is already half way towards attaining the goal.