Technical University of Mombasa was proud to announce the graduation of its students of 2022 Technical and Vocational Education and Training. The event took place on Thursday at TUM Hotel and Conferencing Facility in Tudor.

The graduation programme commenced at 10am with the arrival of some pre-eminent guests as well as the graduates at the event. The remarkable event was attended by various Stakeholders. In the presence of Prof. Laila Abubakar (Vice Chancellor), Prof. Peter Gichangi (Deputy Vice Chancellor), Kenya Association of Manufacturers Representatives, German Agency for International Cooperation Representatives, Dr. Charles Majani (Director of TVET), Ms. Rose Kebati (Chairperson TUM TVET Institute) and Plan International Representatives, the session was launched by a word of prayer from a graduand.


The Director of TVET expressed his happiness towards the students stating that at the begin of the program some of them did not have the determination but as they stood around and kept on learning, the fruits of their labor would soon pay off and it did. He then asked each student to introduce themselves and where they were stationed.

The graduands briefly introduced themselves, where they worked for the 3months while on attachment and what they learnt. Although some of the students did not have it easy while on attachment, they understood that hard work is an essential element in tracking down and perfecting a strategy in executing work. Most of the students that stood determined ended up being employed. That was a good sign as this signified the quality students that TUM nurtures.

While presiding over the TVET graduation, Director of TVET Dr. Charles Majani honoured the efforts put into the program by the GIZ, TUM staff and students. He prompted the graduands to never think less of themselves but to visualize a better life worth living for. He stated that even though they were done with their 6 months program, it would be better if each one of them enrolled back and furthered their studies by doing another course so as to have an edge over other students and more experience.

Ms. Rose Kebati praised the graduands for their efforts in making the day possible. She briefly touched on safety being the number one priority when it came to work. “Always be energetic, audible, confident, physically fit as this job isn’t for the weak but strong. Make use of valuable information via the internet, browse and get more knowledge about the topic given and last but not least, improve on self-development.”

Prof. Gichangi congratulated each students on their achievement and suggested that the gown worn by them was a symbol of their scholastic journey and growth from the first day they set foot on the premises to their final day of graduation. “With each step that you take always ensure that you aim higher than yesterday and the sky is the limit.” The event was marked with a powerful quote from the Deputy Vice Chancellor before introducing the Vice Chancellor to the stage.

Professor Laila Abubakar saluted the graduands for their endurance and elasticity especially towards the end of their academic journey.” I would like to take this opportunity to thank GIZ, the Kenyan Government and Korean Government for the beautiful partnership that brought about the creation of the program. It being the third cohort of the Competence Based Educational and Training, this puts TUM at a higher rank as the only university to offer technical courses to its student in Mombasa.”


The graduates were elated with the ceremony as they received their certificates. Being the 3rd cohort of the CBET program, they were awarded by the VC, DVC, GIZ Representatives and TUM TVET chairperson.