Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance


Tuesday, 13th July 2021. A team from Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) led by Mr. Morara Ongwenyi held talks with Prof. Joseph Rasowo, DVC (AFP) who represented the VC in Kwale Campus to officially grace the 3day training.

Prof. Rasowo urged the staff and students to take the training seriously’ ‘’ We must change this culture of Corruption by upholding high integrity because this monster called corruption has led to loss of billions thus affecting our economy’’

He further challenged everyone to ensure that they leave TUM better than they found it and the only way is by demonstrating high integrity.

Mr. Morara Ongwenyi from EACC, expressed his gratitude to TUM for constantly agreeing to support and participate in EACC programs. He assured openness and readiness to more cooperation with TUM

In his part, the Registrar (AP) Dr. Kilungu who had accompanied the DVC to Kwale campus reiterated that the University resources and assets belongs to the public and staff are just acting on behalf of the government hence must always uphold integrity by following the laid down procedures while executing their duties and responsibilities.

The 3-day training on Corruption Prevention and Integrity Assurance that seeks to educate staff and students on Foundational Understanding of corruption and Unethical practices, Understanding of Anti-corruption legal framework, Salient provisions of ACEA 2003, the Leadership and Integrity Act 2012, Bribery Act 2016, Mechanisms of Reporting Corruption and handling corruption reports.

The event has been organized by the Technical University of Mombasa in liaison with the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)