CAREER DAY AT Allidina Visram High School


Every Great Achiever is Inspired by A Great Mentor

Allidina Visram High School is one of the oldest schools in Mombasa that is known for its good KCSE performance. Notably, one of the key contributors of the outstanding performance is their in-house career counselling program. Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) takes pride in mentoring these pupils over the years.

23rd October 2022, was yet another opportunity for Technical University of Mombasa and other institutions to participate in a career talk held at the high school. The aim of the session was to familiarise the students with different courses and their entry points for them to make an informed decision ahead of selecting a career path of their choice.

The school principal, Mr Juma Mshimu inaugurated the ceremony by welcoming and appreciating the institutions

present, for responding to their humble invitation. He urged his pupils to take full advantage of the event and learn the opportunities offered in the different universities and colleges.

Dr Madiha Salim- TUM Director, Career Services, took the students through brief history of TUM, the schools, departments and courses anchored within the departments. She also emphasized on the need to attain suitable cut-off points to be able to secure university admission through Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS) where one pays the university fees at a subsidized rate. She further highlighted that once one has a direct chance to pursue a degree program then it means his academic journey is going to be shorter compared to when he starts at the certificate level.

She concluded by informing the congregation that TUM is just about to open the school of medicine which will be the first medicine school in the entire coastal region to offer bachelors programs and that she expects all of them to knock the TUM’s door for it has always been open to them.

Every great achiever is inspired by a great mentor’


Laila Gifty Akita