Library Work Study Programme: Experiences from the Students

During the January-April 2016 Semester, the Library hosted eight students from different departments for the work study programme. Funded by the Technical University of Mombasa, this programme provides opportunities for needy students to work within the university and raise funds to supplement their fees. In addition, students learn practical work skills which they can apply later when they join the labor market.

In a luncheon organized at the end of the Semester by the University Library in their honour, the students shared their experiences noting that the library had given them a rare opportunity to learn things they never knew before about library work.

“In addition to earning money which has really helped me clear my fees for this semester, working in the library has also helped me improve my academic performance. Unlike the past when I had no idea where to find books relevant to my course in the library, I am now able to locate them easily because I have actively participated in organizing them on the shelves”,  said one of the students.

“Big ups to my high school librarian.  I didn't know the hectic time we gave her until I worked in the library. Given another opportunity, I will be obliged to join again not only for the purposes of paying my fee but also for self-development”, said Alice Kariuki one of the beneficiaries.

The Deputy University Librarian, Mr. Bernard Kamanda commended the students for their exemplary commitment and discipline during the period they worked in the library. He informed them that from now on, they have become library ambassadors and they would be called to  participate in its promotional activities.