Sweden University reaches out to TUM for collaboration



The Technical University of  Mombasa’s drive to offer quality and job-market compliant training to its graduates has drawn the interest of several universities in the world the latest being Mid Sweden University.

A highly qualified trio of academicians from Mittuniversitetet (Mid Sweden University) is seeking collaborations with the Technical University of Mombasa with an aim of improving training.

Mittuniversitetet’s Dr.Bjorn Jakobsson on Tuesday, November 8,2016 signed an MoU on behalf of his institution with TUM being represented by Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar .

Prof Laila who was flanked by Prof Josiah Odalo the dean from faculty of Applied and  Health sciences, said the deal aims at providing high quality training which produces graduates with the relevant knowledge, skills and attitudes for self-reliance.

The MOU seeks to identify and get funding for possible research topics to be working on jointly and exchange programmes involving students and staff from the two institutions.   

“One of our main challenge as a faculty still remains attracting funding from outside the country for research activities and project implementation but we now believe this MoU will resolve this hurdle” said Prof Odalo. 

 .The Schools are School of Health and Life Sciences, School of Pure and Applied Sciences and School of Medicine which are underway.

Senior lecturers Jakobsson and Heidi Carlerby said TUM and Mittuniversitetet which both have historical and unique architectural designs should work together in academics.

Mittuniversitetet  is a new university which has 420 courses whose aim to develop and fulfils opportunities for the benefit of students both institutions.

The Swedish scholars and Prof Odalo later on delivered a day-long lecture to TUM students and staff at the conference room on the Hospitality & Tourism Training Centre.



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