French embassy seeks stronger ties with TUM

A Memorandum of Understanding between the French Embassy in Kenya and Technical University, that will see the full-adoption of French teaching, will be fast-tracked for the benefit of its parties.


The deal that was brokered by TUM Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Laila Abubakar, legal officer Serah Okumu and Alliance Francaise de Mombasa executive director is now being revisited.


The MoU that will see French language teaching at TUM enhanced will, according to Embassy Linguistic and Education Attache Johann Robinet, extend to research undertakings with goodwill from the French government.


“We are committed to strengthening ties with TUM. As an embassy we will ensure that our new ambassador who is to report in two weeks’ time will visit TUM when he comes to Mombasa for the Network of Pilot Schools launch,” said Robinet.


Administration, Finance and Planning Deputy Vice Chancellor Professor Joseph Rasowo chaired the MoU-revamping talks at the Vice Chancellor’s office on Friday, October 14.


Rasowo who was flanked by Okumu, Administration and Planning Dr Matata Kilungu and his Academic Affairs counter-part Dr Gichuhi Njihia called for the revisiting of the deal once Laila, who is on leave, resumes duty.


“We need to have another meeting most probably next week to have the program take off the soonest possible since the deal had already been sealed, ” said Rasowo.

According to Kilungu, once finalized, French teaching will extend beyond the front-office to hospitality areas.


“We are optimistic that French will be offered at the degree level and not just a unity in first year as happened with our Bachelor of Business Administration lot,” said Kilungu.


On her part, Okumu rooted for the extension of the French lessons to interested staff both teaching and non-teaching.




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