Jared Ogeto steals the show at Amnesty International Event

Institute of Computing and Informatics student Jared Ogeto steered the Technical University of Mombasa to glory registering victory during a debate sponsored by Amnesty International.

TUM legal officer Serah Okumu was among the panel of judges at the debated dubbed Amnesty International Human Rights Debate Series held on Monday, October 3 at Mombasa’s Koblenz Hall.

The event that discussed forced evictions brought together various stakeholders among the university students witnessed a hotly contested debate on the motion: “This house believes that forced evictions undermines than fosters development”.

Ogeto’s opposition side eloquently articulated a well researched argument even as Amnesty International campaign organizer Naomie Barasa urged universities to take a lead role in sensitizing communities on forced evictions.

She said the university fraternity should be involved in lobbying for enactment of laws that will guide fair evictions in compliance with international policies and laws.

Coincidentally, the debate came in the advent of evictions within areas of Mombasa County.



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