Co-existence Calls Dominate Peace Walk

Calls for co-existence among communities in Mombasa County dominated the 2016 International Peace Day marked on Friday, September 21, 2016 by members of the public and universities led by Technical University of Mombasa.


TUM’s Acting Dean of Students Madiha Salim led students, staff and members of the public in a procession that started at the Mombasa County Stadium that climaxed at the main hall where speeches were made.


Speaker after speaker outlined the importance of tolerance among students and staff on campus as well as the public for peace and tranquility.


While Peace Club chairman Arafat Mukasi hailed sponsors for their support  Madiha read the speech of National Cohesion and Integration Commission chair Francis Ole Kaparo.


Acting Vice Chancellor Prof Laila Abubakar urged students to co-exist irrespective of their ethnic, religious and social backgrounds so as to set example to the public.

“The fact that you come from diverse backgrounds should be your unifying factor. Let us achieve unity through our diversity,” said Laila before planting a tree near the main hall.





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