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Dr. Anwar Hood Ahmed

Welcome to the Department of Management Science. The inauguration of the department comes at a time when Kenya is fully geared towards realization of Vision2030. We are concerned with developing and applying analytics to solve business problems. The complexities surrounding the Port of Mombasa, the …

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Programmes Offered

Undegraduate Level
Bachelor of Business and Information Technology (BBIT)4 years
Bachelor of Commerce(Management Science options)4 years
MSc Procurement & Supply Chain Management2 years
BCOM (Management Science, Procurement and Logistics & Transport Management)4 years
Bachelor of Maritime Management(Commercial)4 years
Certified Procurement & Supply Professional of Kenya (CPSP-K)2 years
MBA (Management Science)2 years
Diploma in Procurement and Material Management2 years
Diploma in Shipping2 years
International Diploma in Logistics and Transport Management (IDLTM)2 years

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Vision and Mission & Core values


To become a center of excellence in operational research,procurement,logistics and maritime studies.


To transform lives of our students and community with quality teaching, research and consultancy at a competitive price.

Core values


·      Creativity and innovativeness

·      An entrepreneurial culture

·      Ethical behavior and respect for others

·      Community Engagement


·      Professionalism and integrity

Quality Objectives


For Enquiries

 Department of Management Science
School of Business
E-Learning Center, 3rd Floor
Technical University of Mombasa
P.O. BOX 90420-80100
Mombasa, Kenya.

About this Department

Management Science has been taught for many years at the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) but the department was inaugurated on 1st April 2015 with formation of Business School. Prior to 2015 it existed as a service division within Department of Business Studies. Management Science specialization options were consolidated in 2013 when TUM obtained the University charter. From 2013 the department introduced Management Science, Procurement and SCM at postgraduate level.

The Department of Management Science is involved in teaching, research and consultancy in Operational Research, Logistics & Transportation, Maritime, Strategic Modeling and Management Information Systems. These areas equip decision makers with skills in quantitative and qualitative aspects for enhancing quality management decisions.

The Department is currently offering the following programs:-

The Department is headed by a chairman, who is assisted by two examination officers cum academic advisors. In addition, the department is in-charge of the School’s ICT resources.

What is Management Science?

Management Science is sometimes called Operations Research or Industrial Engineering, but all refer to the same thing. Management Science is concerned with developing and applying models and concepts that help to illuminate management issues and solve managerial problems. The models used can often be represented mathematically, but sometimes computer-based, visual or verbal representations are used.

The range of problems and issues to which management science has contributed insights and solutions is vast. It includes scheduling airlines, both planes and crew, deciding the appropriate place to site new facilities such as a warehouse or factory, managing the flow of water from reservoirs, identifying possible future development paths for parts of the telecommunications industry, establishing the information needs and appropriate systems to supply them within the health service, and identifying and understanding the strategies adopted by companies for their information systems.

Using an airline as an example, a management scientist would be concerned with building computer models (as opposed to writing computer programs) to decide the best:

The optimal decisions for these and other issues can be uncovered through analysis using computer-based mathematical models. Hence, the management scientist uses the data collected and managed by the MIS department in building his or her models.

Management scientists work with both people and technology. Our strategy is to teach team-working and problem-solving skills in a broad-based educational program for today’s job market and tomorrow’s leaders.

The staff within TUM"s Department of Management Science work with all these problems and many more. Their research in management science is concerned with developing novel methods and approaches to well-known problem areas, and also the use of established approaches to understand new areas of application. Teaching within the Department utilises these latest ideas to convey the practical importance of Management Science to organisations.    


Tudor Area
Tom Mboya Street, P.O. Box 90420 - 80100 G.P.O
Mombasa, Kenya
Tel: (254)41-2492222/3, 2490571
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