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Mr.David Mwakidimi
Human Resource Information System (HRIS

Responsible for Maintenance of automated systems and data which supports all departmental activities including recruitment and selection,payroll and salary administration among others

Records and Registry Management.

Responsible  for managing the human resource records ensuring all staff personal records are accurately maintained and updated and that effective reports are generated.

Recruitment and selection

Undertake all administration relating to the recruitment and selection process from the initial placement of the advertisement to the issue of the appointment letters and other documentation to the successful applicant.

HR administrative services

Responsible for handling other general administration activities including :

Preparing relevant correspondences relating to various administration activites,administering all types of leaves,updating HR content in the TUM website among others


Employees Relations

Employees relations responsibilities include identifying and resolving workplace issues that affect productivity,assessing employee training and development and developing needs,providing leadership training and one -on-one guidance to supervisors and  managers who need clarification on how to balance their responsibilities for department management and work force management,

To check with  workers to make sure that they have the amenities they need to develop morally,socially,psychologically ,economically. This include  facilitating :
  • Adequate medical  care
  • wages
  • security
  • Housing
In essence,providing these amenities is supposed to let the employee be a better worker


To look into complaints and grievances submitted by employees, by acting as a neutral investigator and arbitrator, meaning that the office does not automatically take a side in grievances cases and renders decisions based solely on facts.


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